the swiss avant garde part 1

Max Bill 

Peter Trava

Bernhard Luginbühl

Daniel Spoerri

Franz Eggenschwiler

Fred Troller

Sandro Bocola

Jean Baier

Ed Sommer

Willy Weber

Rolf Iseli

Carl Bucher

Verena Loewensberg

Pierre Haubensak

Serge Candolfi

Christian Megert

Andreas Christen

Heinz Müller-Majocchi

Gottfried Honegger

Jean Tinguely

All images from the
sweet little catalog
circa 1971.


  1. Like the silver sphere Homegger thing -but missing something the Germans, Italians and Russians bring... does avant garde need a spattering of fascism as a tipping point?

  2. ff- you'll get a bit of that later today with part 2.....

  3. This is completely mesmerizing. Despite the angst on most of their faces it seemed like a lot of fun, too. That fat little Carl Bucher thing (sculpture? bar? aquarium? some kind of futuristic tv?) has won my heart.