a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....

I was in my
looking at old
Modernism catalogs
and came across this ad
I designed for Richard Wright
in 1991.
Yes, 1991. I was a baby....
Anyway, it brought back a lot of memories.
some good, some not so good,
but it definitely reminded me of a simpler
time. Not one I wish to go back to,
but one that is gone forever,
fondly remembered,
yet quickly forgotten.
Slip the catalog back on the shelf,
and it is gone....


  1. Wow, those hours suck. That would drive me insane. But all of my favorite stores have asinine hours like that... what gives?

  2. Nick, I would kill for those retro hours! Those are Post-Modern Chicago hours! I am open 11-6, M-F, Sat 12-6 and only closed on Sunday. Most days I am open until 8 or 9 pm (just because I am there, anyway, working.) But you have inspired me.... Mon-Fri 1-6, that could be the new Mondo Cane hours.... WAIT, you want stores to be open MORE not less.... Dream crushed..... Ok, ok, I'll raise my prices and be open earlier, and later.......

  3. I wish I had those hours too! But I don't, and also often end up working selling things, which mostly means I can't shop at all because I have to work when all the stores I would go to are open.

    But heck, by all means only stay open 35 hours a week if you can swing it. Jealous.

    And I think I went to that shop in the early 90s a few times with my mom when I was like 10. Wasn't it across the street from a building with a triangle shaped footprint that had a greyscale version of "La Grande Jatte" painted in the upper windows? I had no idea that little store ended up becoming Wright of Wright auctions.

  4. Nick, that was the store! Funny....