more auction nuttiness @ christie's

Francois-Xavier Lalanne
"Mouton De Pierre"
A group of ten painted epoxy and patinated bronze sheep
Designed circa 1979
Lot 303
Estimate: $600-900,000.00

someone was expected to pay between just over
a half a million dollars, up to almost 1 million
dollars for some plastic and metal 
garden decorations.
Oh wait, that's art.
They kinda look like those foam 
practice shooting targets I see in
hillbilly's yards when I go down South:

McKenzie HD Mountain Goat Target
Sells for $439.99

There they are at their last home,
in the yard, 
I mean on the grounds 
of the 
Tateshina Open Air Museum,
Nagano Japan.

So what did they bring?
Hold on to your britches....
Seven million, four hundred and seventy-four thousand, five hundred dollars.
$747,450.00 a sheep.
No shit.
Can you imagine having that kinda money to drop on some 
yard decorations,
 I mean garden art, 
I mean
grounds sculpture?
Mind blowing really....
Congrats Christie's, 
on an amazing, 
truly amazing, 
bit of auctioneering....


  1. Imagine how many actual sheep you could have gotten. AND a shepherd or two...
    I wonder how much YSL's wooly Lalanne sheep went for?

  2. ok now I am a bit disturbed..

  3. It turns out I don't understand anything about anything.