art & architecture magazine covers

I think 
was one of the greatest niche
magazines of the 20th century.
Anyone wanna challenge that?
Think before you do.
I don't want to hear about
the Flairs and Views of the world.
While they were great,
they were also short lived
and basically vanity projects.
A&A captures a particular moment in time
In it's 27 year run,
I don't think a single architect I admire
from that period was left out.
the best part of
A&A are the covers.
There is no rival in the 
magazine arena.
It would be hard to name a player in the
graphic design world who 
did no do a cover for them
So, here's to you A&A!

has reproduced
the entire run in a boxed set.
Well worth the money,
although you can't beat a 
crispy, chalky, original....
More on that set


  1. These are gorgeous. Art in themselves.

  2. Graphis? Domus? Gebrauchsgraphik?

  3. Graphis too insular, Domus great to amazing, but it's weak late 70s-early 2000s, nearly 30 years of so-so kills it in the "competition". "Gebrauchsgraphik"? ..... Gesundheit! Just kidding! I wasn't aware of Gebrauchsgraphik, but again, too regional in it's influence, in my 10 second survey, but some nice covers, no doubt. I'm talking lasting influence, and unfortunately, Gebrauchsgraphik doesn't have that. But what do I know....