apartamento #08 is in my house!

I got my hot little hands
on a copy of
Apartamento #8!
I think it is only one Stateside
so far.
smuggled one back for me.
Well, she's letting me
borrow it.
Beggars can't be choosers!

"Strangers in Paris"

Mollino chairs.
(The one on the left, are you kidding me! You suck Beda!)

More Beda nose blues

Athena Currey's Apartamento

"A View of the Room"
A conversation between me, Rafael Cardenas

Pablo and Veronica's classic Apartamento pad.

My great friends Brian and Elizabeth's
home shot by moi.

Looks for copies here in the USA soon.
It's a killer issue, the best yet if you ask me!
Order and subscribe 

(Thanks to Marco and the crew
 for letting me be a part of 
such a cool thang!)

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  1. Seriously! I tried to get my hands on one this weekend to no avail... Congratulations!