day "2" in london

Back to Christie's
for the
Vanity Fair Party.
No, I did not see Johnny Depp.
But what a room for a party!

On to Frieze...

Trees in Frieze.
(This isn't art, just a real tree in the tent. Love it!)

Self-portrait as some weird Star Wars fighter.

These look an awfully lot like Mategot "Baghdad" lamps....

More here

Down the row we see the influence of
Frank Lloyd Wright
and the new hip hot material
perforated metal.

Not sure who this was by....
Vernissage is no time for asking questions,
(or taking pictures really!)
drinking champagne it is very good for.

Cool weird temporary architecture on the way out.

 Massive crowds on the way out.

Lovely architecture on the way home.

Look at this weird little round church 
at Langham Place!

Simon texting.
That man is a hard worker!

This 'hood looks like it is one giant 
wedding cake.

The original Liberty's department store.
Think of all the 
great design that has been sold from there....

Full moon and home we are....

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  1. where are the real party photos you know the naked dancing on the bar ,the guinnes beard.....