john waters wants to take your polaroid

"Keith" and Bob Adams

If you go to John Water's home
you get your Polaroid taken.
(Well, did, now that there is no more
Polaroid film, maybe he moved on
to another process. 
Maybe he hoarded enough....)
I am very intrigued by this.
Love it!
Here are a few images from
his collection of thousands
that he selected for nest magazine #11
Winter 2000-2001

Bill Fried

Jeffery Pratt Gordon

Tracy Lords, Brook Yeaton, 
Pat and "her anger"


Peter Haskell

Brenda Richardson, Brice Marden, Angry Pat,
Chuck Yeaton and Matthew Marks

Kathleen Turner

Mink Stole

"Chimney Sweeps"

Ricky Lake and Rob

Mink Stole and Patty Hearst

Steve Buscemi

Colin De Land

Joe Holtzman
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Bice Curiger, Peter Fischli, Brenda R

Peaches, I mean Brook Yeaton

Bully Tolzman

Jodie Foster

Roddy McDowell

Bruce Fuller and Jack Pierson

Bonnie Pearce and Ricky Lake

Cy Twombly, George Frie ?, Doris Ama? Harry ?
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Jeis ? and Pauline

Dad and Mom Waters

Bill Fried and Claire

Christina Ricci Lauren Hols?, Jerm?, Jean Sch ?,
?, Martha Plimpton, Eddie Furlong

Patricia Hearst

Vinnie ? and Dolores

Rufus Wainwright

"The Donnas", ?, ? + Carl

Paul "Pee-Wee" Reubens and Marc Balet 

Stephen Dorff

Eric, Larry, Erica, Adriean Grenier, Melanie Griffith,
  Alicia Witt, Maggie Gyllenhaal, 
Harriet Dodge and Stephen Dorff
(Thanks Renee for the help on this one!)

Ricky and Henry ?


Divine's Mom
Frances Milstead

Pat Moran in an Electric chair....


  1. On the one dated 9/28/99, it's the cast of Cecil B. Demented. The questions marks, from left to right are: Adrian Grenier, Alicia Witt, and Harriet Dodge.

    Love this blog by the way.. Really great. Thank you =)

  2. "Vinnie" is art director Vince Peranio and his wife, Dolores Deluxe.