mess of upstate pottery

Gertrude and Otto Natzler

This is going to be a bit of a micro-post
as it is late and I am
a bit beat from a long day at the grindstone.
 I thought I would do a quick post 
of the AMAZING
selection of pottery
had for sale Upstate, weekend before last.
kinda bananas....
I was going to take better pics,
but that 
was so jam packed this is all I got.
But, you can get the scope of the pottery madness
at Mark and Dwayne's place,
and it is ALL for sale!

You gotta love the "Mama of Dada"
self-portrait with pussy....

(I owned that striped piece at one time....)

Otto and Vivika Heino
(These are like Doyle Lane on steroids....)


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