anatomy of a chair: gaetano pesce for kids

 I had to get my kids chair collection
all orgin-a-zized because a museum 
that will remain nameless
(only because they have not officially announced the show)
is putting on a huge exhibition
on children's furniture and
they had heard that I had a few examples....

I dug this happy little piglet from the dust pit
where he had been sitting since 2001.
The last time he saw the light of day was when 
we did a show of kids' chairs.
It opened on September 13th, 2001.
Nice timing huh?
Not surprisingly not many people saw it.
I kept the collection intact, and have built on 
it little by little over the years.
I'm not sure how many pieces there are...
85, 100, 125 even....

The curators and their assistant were really
happy with what they saw.
I was happy they could see past the dirt!
It was great to go through each piece with them.
Their fresh eyes found labels 
and construction details 
I had never noticed.
Fun for a furniture geek like me!!!

Anyway, I had to bring this funny little joker
back to Mondo.
It really was unfair that I had kept him locked
up for so long....

Each one of these of pieces
from the "Open Sky" series were handmade.
I think the series is from 1999.

Sit on my face!
(Is this really appropriate for small children?)

"Open Sky" Kids Chair


  1. Just take a look at this crazy thing :


  2. Pierre, is that Pesce? Crazy Town. I kinda like it though.....

  3. fantastic!