black mountain college portraits

Hazel Larsen Archer

My love of 
continues tonight 
with a group of 25 portraits
she shot during her time as a student
at Black Mountain College.

Josef Albers

Anni Albers

Ruth Asawa
(Wow, I guess weaving with metal
IS as hard as it looks....)

John Cage

William de Kooning

Delores Fullman

Trude Guermonprez

Shoji Hamada

Ray Johnson

Ray Johnson

William Joseph

Nick Muzenic

Andrew Dates

Charles Olson

Robert Rauschenberg
(I want his shirt, and his smile....)

M.C. Richards

Ben Shahn

Joan Stack

Sue Weil with Robert Rauschenberg
(I'll take that shirt too Bob....)

Albert Williams Levi

Paul Williams

Marguerite Wildenhain

Cornelia Williams

Bucky Fuller
(I love what Carl Auböck IV said about this picture:
"..love bucky getting it straight..")

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  1. My great aunt studied under Albers at Black Mountain, and we have all of her color studies in an old suitcase back home -- some cool stuff. Color aid and gouache smell so good!

    The story goes that he gave her a little painting, in blue and green, which she sent as a gift to my grandfather. But my grandmother hated my great aunt and thought the painting was ugly and had it burnt. Ergo, no Albers painting on my wall ... alas, alas. History is a bitch.

  2. amazing! i love these, thanks for sharing.

  3. Nick- Great story! Bummed about the painting though. Modern art does have that effect on some.... Break out those color studies and frame one of them, I bet they are amazing. I have aways loved those... my old ones are buried somewhere for some great nephew to discover..... P

  4. thank you p.- reminds me of my father receiving his HFAIA in 1970 ,inviting me 16 for his trip.we stopped by at the intl.design conference in aspen where i was very much impressed by the hordes of pretty blond braided crafty and sunburnt girls putting up one dome structure after the other. i couldnt stop watching them work until dusk...
    and yes ..
    bucky and herbert bayer in his original upper austrian mountaineer suit were also there.