tuscaloosa tragedy

This is a cell phone shot
of my 1st cousin Dargan's apartment
in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
He is a 1st year law student on full scholarship
at U of A.
(Roll Tide)
He and his wife Ceci are lucky to be alive.
They were trapped in their bathroom until the 
Fire Department cut them out.
Dargan took this photo soon after.
They literally have 
only the clothes on their backs.
Their car was found down the street, upside down
and totaled.
Their 2 pet rabbits are missing too....
I post this only because you never know
when something like this might happen to you 
or someone you love.
So stop your griping, bitching and complaining 
about the little annoyances in life
 and get out there and enjoy it while you can,
for as long as you can.
Carpe diem motherfuckers, carpe diem....

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  1. I have family and friends in Alabama too (everyone's fine) Thanks for this, carpe diem indeed.