biggest surprise @ wright modern design auction today

 with the buyers premium, someone paid
for this puppy.
It is super rare, but
I was surprised....

Other things went NUTZ,
but when dealing with
billionaires playing auction ping-pong,
 it never surprises me when Nakashima,
Prouvé, (or anything French 50s) goes crazy....

Other highlights:
Jean Prouvé
est. 12-15,000
sold 40,000

Pierre Jeanneret
est. 20-25,000
sold 89,900

George Nakashima
est. 20-30,000
sold 146,500

Guido Gambone
est. 1-1,500
sold 16,250

John Vessey
est. 7-9,000
sold 68,500

Pierre Jeanneret
est. 15-20,000
sold 62,500

Pierre Jeanneret
est. 15-20,000
sold 104,500



  1. oh please trickle down

  2. Holy crap, better hold on to what you have - if you have any. But then again, maybe it's just two Richie Riches furnishing their modern mansions and got in a pissing match. I remember about 10 years ago at a Phillips auction a bunch of Architectural Pottery went for stupid money. Turns out Ellen DeGeneres liked the way it looked around her pool.