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Brandon Lattu
"Dining Case Inside"
There was 
of "book art" at all the fairs.
I didn't mind.
This was the one piece I could have taken home.

John Waters
I love John Waters!
He could make a movie about a man who sang with his butthole and I would love it!
he already did....

Cordy Ryman
"Reconfigured 13"
Not sure why I liked this so much 4 days ago....
It's kinda worn off.
Good thing I didn't buy it!

Alex Prager
I really like Alex's work.
I got to see the whole portfolio
at M+B @ Pulse.
The gallerist showing the portfolio was
worth the price of admission alone!
That was a bonus.

Henriette Grahnert
This was at Pulse.
I liked Pulse.
A pain to get to, but I liked the building.
And most of the art.

Andy Warhol
This goes in my new 
"Flag Art"
folder for a 2011 post.

Steve Lambert
"It's About Power, Jr."
This one is for you Greg W.!

Rosemarie Trockel
Crappy photo of a nice piece.
Sorry Rosemarie.
Time for a new pocket camera,
this one is shot,
no pun intended.
We are now at The Rubell Family Collection.
That place is amazing!

Karen Kilimnik
These were hilarious. 
I could have lived with all of them.

Huan Yong Ping
You won't get these unless you have seen them before.
I forgot to take the establishing shot.

Jason Rhoades
This piece really grew on me....

Marlene McCarty
"Pussy Power,
ever heard of it?"
I used to have a friend in art school who used to say that to random people on the street.
It would always crack me up!

Matthew Day Jackson
"Study Collection IV"
I don't care if skulls are so 2010,
I really liked this.
We have now left the 
The Rubell Family Collection.

Can I get a little help?
My brain has frozen and I lost the doc shot....
This was in Gagosian's booth.
Did you notice the embedded Gambone
you dec arts peeps?

This reminds me of my work.
I lost the documentation though, again!
Any idea smart people of the interwebs?

Fernanda Fragateiro
"Asymmetrical Wall-Mounted Bookshelves"
I met Fernanda at
where my friends Brian and Elizabeth were set-up.
She is fantastic!
Not only does she do smarty pants brainiac art,
it also looks sooo beautiful.
That's good for a
for a philistine like moi.

Fred Tomaselli
"Stem Cell Grid"
This has to me the world's smallest Tomaselli,
it was only 10" x 10".

Jonas Wood
(Still Life on Table)
I don't know, I was getting tired by
the time I shot this on Sunday.
Not so bad. 
I could stand it if I had to I guess.

Scott Burton
"Two-Part Bench"
(A Pair)
This looks a lot like those fabulous

Alexander Ross
This is what my mind looked like after 6 days of continuous visual and mental
saturated, wilted, yet happy....

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  1. Oh man, I always love your picks! Love that Scott Burton.