ro/lu furniture studio visit nyc style!

 I went to visit the 
Ro/Lu Boys 
at their temporary NYC studio
out in
Bushwick Brooklyn.
It's nice out there!
Anyway, the kids be crankin' it!

 There's Matt!

 And there's Mike!

AND there's the limited edition!

If you wonder where Joe is,
he's taking a break with his girl who came to visit today.
Joe deserves a break, he's put in over
120 man hours 
this week!
In 6 days!
No shit!

The fruits of the Boy's labor.
This stuff is 
beautiful in person,
and this isn't even the finished product.
Everything you see here is still a work in progress.

Every piece of plywood
is hand selected
and matched with it's appropriate mate.

And quite frankly
my photos don't do 
these pieces 
the justice they deserve,
but there will be lots more (better shots) soon
after the opening this Saturday evening.
Come on by!

I LOVE this table!

These babies are lined up and ready for their final sanding 
bath of soothing Tung oil!

These two are getting to know each other....

Before and after.

 I could have hung-out all day with those guys,
but it was time to go back to Manhattan...
and get my butt back to work,
these Minneapolis Boys make us
NYC Boys 

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