marc newson @ gagosian

As you can see,
I am back in action.
Cold/flu/immune disruption
has been downgraded to a tropical wave.

Feeling MUCH better!

First thing I did was head over to 
to see the 

It was GREAT.
But I am such a boy,
and have always had a man crush on Marc....

Even still,
who can make and exhaust look so sexy
these days?

It even looks good from behind....
(Easy boys....)

Very good.

Everyone knows this
cute little bugger.
But I had never before seen it in the flesh....

It lives up to its reputation.

So cool.
Cars have STARTED to get a tiny bit cuter,
but this concept car is
11 years old

Personal Jet Pack

that is correct.

Can you imagine?
The landing gear folds up and you 
fly horizontally.

Want to go to space anyone?

Climb aboard....

Take a seat....

And get ready to blow your mind!
(And your budget!)

This bike seems so
BORING after that.

So does this nickel surfboard.

The workmanship on all of this stuff
was beyond flawless.

Oh yeah,
there was a boat there too.



Happen to have 1.28 million?
It could be yours.
They are making 22.
I'm not even kidding when I say that seems
like a bargain.
What did the last Lockheed chaise go for?

For someone like me,
(Anal Virgo Freak)
shit like this kills me.

No teak here, 
polished phenolic textile composite.
Your deck hands will be relieved.....


  1. beautiful products beautifully photographed. love your blog!

  2. I want a personal jet pack haha

  3. My baby's so fine even her jet looks good from behind! my verification word was WRINSO

  4. The Ford is nicely styled but not designed - i.e how do you wind the windows down? Answer... you can't because of the curvature of the glass.

  5. Mr/Ms/Mrs/Miss Anonymous: Not sure I understand where you are coming from with this critique. (I have an idea, but....) Anyway, this is a prototype, not a production vehicle. I'm sure Ford and Marc could have figured out a beautiful way for the windows to "wind" down, but I really don't think that was the focus with this one-off.... MB