seldom ever

I go over to Hendersonville a couple of times each trip down
try to hit 
Seldom Ever.
It is one of my favorite shops ever. 
I almost called it a junk shop. but it's not.
It's not really an antique shop either.
It's a cool hybrid.
Eddie, who runs it, is seldom ever there,
which is not maddening 
at all for some reason, even though that means sometimes it may be
a year before one gets back in,
and I come down 2-3 times a year.
That's Eddie there, getting some
treasures out of the June rain.

There is a total mix of things,
but everything has a vibe,
and a big part of that vibe is Eddie himself,
who could NOT be nicer
have a more amazing accent.
(Eastern Tennessee I think??)
I love to hear him talk.
Which he doesn't do that much,
he just let's you 

This is one side of his window
It has a camping/camp vibe,
sort of....

Love Donkey Tractor!

I like the frog with the lily pad baby frog sombrero.
I should have gotten a better picture of that.

The opposite side has a tropical vacation vibe,
sort of....

Crazy Cat!
And so much more....

If you are into this sort of place,
you could spend hours
Everything is so well placed,
(almost curated)
and such a change to all the 
antique malls and shops.
Eddie THINKS about it,
which I love.

This is behind his desk,
well actually the counter.
Amazing madness!

Get INTO it....

So great.
A lot of the stuff back here is "not for sale".
There was an incredible driftwood "painting",
(trust me it was great)
back there for years, 
but then the next year 
it was gone.
Hopefully he took it home....
He probably got sick of people like me asking
how much it was!

Elvis & Nixon,  JFK & Jackie
Need I say more?

Nice Beatle Trout.

This looks like any other bad antique mall
vignette right?
the creepy cool doll
saves it.
Thanks Eddie!!!!

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