mudd clubb

Too bad I missed out on this 
Little too young,
and a little too
far away, 
down there on the 
Redneck Riviera....
Our Mudd Club was called 
"Club Park Avenue"
I'd kill for some shots of me
in CPA on a Monday


  1. sorry p.
    but me the measly little austrian was there and at xenon and studio 54 and other places in rundown storehouses called "heat" or so and others, cant remember details -
    what i remember is that new york punks arrived at the mudd in taxis , i was amazed.
    '75 cbgb was controlled by the hamc n.y.- was very basic like similar places in vienna at that time.(rather stinky, but. ramones on stage)

  2. The building belonged to Ross Bleckner and was his NYC studio, up until a five or so years ago when a snotty-nosed rich kid bought it.