moonfire madness

Ok, I'm into the moon and all, but the krazy kids at Taschen are NUTZ about the moon.
How this escaped me until now, I don't know. I mean really, the Moon, Norman Mailer and Mark Newson, it's a match made in, well, ON THE MOON!

This is the book. Do you want the just released $39.99 version? Or the slightly more elaborate 480,000 euro version? (That's $657,600.00 as of today.)
And they have several other less expensive versions too, at 270,000, 185,000, 140,000, 125,000, 95,000, and 75,000 euro each. 
(Unfortunately for those of you on a budget, the 60,000 euro version is sold :(   )
Also, please note that these prices do not include VAT, shipping or insurance. 

This is the book.

You also get a moon meteorite. Marc Newson designed the LEM inspired "book lander" and the meteorite encapsulation. 

Here is one of the avaliable meteorites.

You also get a framed print signed by Buzz Aldrin. 
(That's the least they could do for your 75,000 euro, at least you don't have to wait backstage at "Dancing with the Stars" to try to get an autograph....)

But what is really great about the book, no matter which version you decide on, are the photos.
"Number 3, where the heck are you, over."

You'd be scared too.

Major overachievers locker room.

Looks like fun. 

More fun....
I'm already nauseas.

Did you know they had a disco on the moon?
 It's true, Norman told me....

Grabass in Space!

Man, could you get any cooler with your badass "Space Race" getups?

I KNEW it was fake!

Geek Moon Chic.

We'll have to ask greg.org what this is....
Greg Allen said....

"Echo II, baby, 1965. 135-ft of pure, mirror-finished Mylar goodness."

Thanks Mr. G!

My favorite shot for many reasons, 
the least of which,
 is that I really don't think you should be smoking in the Stratosphere....

More fake bs moon propaganda....

Lookie what I found honey!

Either that, or it is the COOLEST barbeque grill ever.

Cubist moon.

Moonscape pudding.

Nite Night....


  1. Dear Mondoblogo,

    Thank you for your lovely comment. I can't publish it because there seems to be an attachment of a dubious nature. You may want to check your system, or perhaps blogger has been compromised(It is Chinese)
    I am pleased you enjoyed the Paris images.

    Regards from Paris, Or should I say
    (inspired by the lunar landscape)Paris Out.

  2. Echo II, baby, 1965. 135-ft of pure, mirror-finished Mylar goodness.

    As the silver and the space balls scrolled by, I had a feeling I was being set up.

  3. also, I've looked and can't find it, so you *have* to tell me what the geek with the shiny balls' story is.