charles eames was a midget

No, that was Ray that was a midget right?
Look how adorable they are!
2 of the most important design minds of the 20th century in my opinion.
Anyway, if one was really really tiny (like Ray), you could live in this:

It's a scale model of the Eames office in Venice, California.

Did they really have to go that nutz with the rafters?
Yes, apparently so, and they were only getting started....

This is the wood shop I guess, 
I am not familiar with the layout of the original building.
BUT check out the bins of screws! 
They are about the size of this period.

The file drawers even open!

(not really)

They got a bit lazy with the books.
The covers are all blank,
I am a little disappointed....

So cool!

To get an idea of how small this is, 
look at the first picture and compare the model to the Eames shell chair. 
That red chair is the size of one of the foot glides

I like the fact that this room is a mess.

For your reading pleasure.



  1. OMG! This is incredible. What an amazing find, thanks for posting all of the details.