do you want to play a game?

We bought these very cool games from a picker last week who got into a house filled with 70's "The Ice Storm" type furnishings. Lots of Milo Baughman, chrome, polished aluminum, and florescent lighting, the whole cocaine chic thang, with a little MOMA and Pythagoras thrown in to even things out....

Notice the box says: "Do not open. Read bottom of case first." Ok...
This is the bottom, can you read it? Pretty funny.

Very cool, stained mahogany with anodized aluminum dot inserts.

Looks like a Donald Judd traffic light.

This one is meant to hang on the wall when not in use, which is a pretty cool idea.

These guys at this game company are pretty cocky.

In hanging position. The case is mahogany and the triangles are anodized aluminum in red, orange with a yellow interior.


Just incase we thought they were kidding.

The case is really nice with fitted foam and whatever you call that joint.

Hello Mr Judd.

I want to hang it on the wall like this....

Love these.

Last one. I bet you are glad, this post seems to never end! 
This one is my personal favorite, and also the simplest.

This damn thing is old as dirt. 1968. I wonder what Betty Thomson is up to these days....

As it comes out of the silver box.

Very architectural, probably why I like it.

I want to live in the cantilevered apartment on the left.

I need to work on getting more consistent shots, what's up with the grey background? Gotta dig out the G9 manual.


Cubistic ruins of that highrise after Pythagoras comes back from the dead and releases his pent-up frustrations for being demeaned by having his face placed on a silly party game!


  1. Those are sweet!!! Good score! Did your picker get their hands on any of the furniture?

  2. he got the whole house EXCEPT for all the amazing woman's clothes that were better than the furniture!