apollo 11 moon landing

I found these at an antique mall in North Carolina.
22 photos for 26 bucks and 69 cents.
I guess the dude didn't realize they were real color prints from NASA,
and not the tourist "I bought them at the Space Center",
order out of the back of Time Magazine in 1970 ones.
 These are the real deal.
I have researched and researched
and I get auction results from $100 to $10,000
for the same images.
All the auction houses are very cavalier about them,
"Oh, nice bring them in.",
"We would estimate these at 50-100 per photo.",
"Not for us, have you tried ebay?"
So here they sit,
too cool just to let go without knowing more....


  1. Are you who I think you are? The infinity rubber band is the tip-off. (I love that, I love your work.) Saw your installation (I think. Was that you?) at a gallery in Berkeley a few years back and I am too tired to remember the name, yours or the gallery, but if this is you -- I just stumbled into your blog -- hello! Hello! You are so great.

  2. Wow, I wish I was who you think I am, so I could accept all of those wonderful compliments, but alas, I am not....

  3. wow! our son would go crazy for a find like that, he is so into space and the moon landing is his favourite topic. thanks for sharing those pics, i can't wait to show him. sandra x