giacomo balla interior meets google image search

Giacomo Balla
"Interior of the house at Via Nicola Porpora in Rome."
(The photograph was probably taken in the late 1940s based on the telephone.)

I found this amazing 
interior photo while looking at a book on
and loved it.
I had also never seen it before, which was strange...
(well, not that strange, but kinda strange)
I wanted to post it, but before I did
I checked the Google search by image
feature to see if it was already out there on the
World Wide Web,
and it wasn't,
but Google isn't just gonna give you nothing,
so they offer you
"visually similar images"
so I thought it would be fun to post
what the algorithm thought was similar....
There is an art project in here
somewhere don't you think


  1. p.- thanks for the frozen blonde - that 's one for me :-)

  2. Safe to say this interior no longer exists? What else do we know about it?