mondoblogo visits richard prince's fulton ryder

Existing and not existing at the same time,
Richard Prince's 
is pretty fucking cool.
I was lucky enough to get invited
by the lovely and talented
director Fabiola Alondra and timed things so
I could visit when my good bud
Jim Walrod was there too.
Needless to say, we had a blast
and the shit there was kinda mind-blowing,
only a fraction of what I can show you here.
Here's what I can show you:

Dan Colen
"A Real Bronx Cheer"

Fulton Ryder / Richard Prince
"Shot Easy Rider Poster"
(My title)

Jim ponders a Richard Prince work.

Richard Prince
"Untitled (The Killer Inside Me)"

Richard Prince
"Untitled (Bad Brains)"

This is an amazing vintage
Poul Kjaerholm flat file
that was
with killer shit....

Fabiola gives us the tour;
I think we are looking at some
Dash Snow 'zines,
"What Did My Pussy Ever Do To You"

Dan Colen
"A Real Bronx Cheer"

Even the closets are loaded
with gold,
and everything looks so great.

Art from Richard's
which is pictures of Betty Page 
juxtaposed next to Franz Kline paintings.
Pretty brilliant if you ask me!

Richard Prince
"Band Paintings"

Detail of a beautiful vintage
Poul Kjaerholm table.
Love that blue paint....

 Minimalist and amazing....

Another "Band Painting" and of course more books.

A vintage Jean Prouvé
"Potence Lamp"
from 1950
in front of an experimental work by Mr. Prince.

Black Flag poster by Raymond Pettibon

Some limited editions of
"Hippy Drawings" and "Bettie Kline"

Fantasy pulp book jacket cover by
"Fulton Ryder".
I loved these. 
Thanks again to Jim and Fabiola for the GREAT visit!
I can't wait to come back....

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