rick owens parisian lair

I normally don't repost something 
straight from the presses,
but I thought the
piece from
this weekend's
was worth it.
Mr. Owens' apartment he shares with his partner
is a pretty seamless blend of clichés.
Dark wood, gold leaf, African themes, taxidermy,
skulls, crystals, distressed and "raw" surfaces,
concrete, industrial lighting, etc, etc, etc.
 he pulls it off rather well, 
very well in fact.
All of the elements I mentioned above are great,
but they are WAY overused, 
so overused that
I have a hard time with them individually
a lot of the time,
not to mention all together in one place.
Normally my head would explode,
but there is a real artistry and subtleness to his
powerful imagery created with the combination his 
furniture, objects, sculpture, materals and surface treatments.
I'm a fan....

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  1. This is the apotheosis of the style, certainly.

    I'm sure there are many other images that clarify how this space works, but I'm thrown by the formal reception room that opens the images -- not in the disconnect stylistically, but that there are no other spaces shown that even have the same proportions, in terms of ceiling height and windows. Many of the spaces look like they could be underground, or at least have a sense of being below grade even if they have natural light. Much more so "spaces" than "rooms."

    If this is your bag, the following video is fascinating -- Michele Lamy is a dream. Coolest kid on the block. I love how she dyes her fingers. One gets the definite sense that this dwelling is an entirely collaborative creation.


    1. Nick- Thanks for this! I really really like the video AND her Michele's fingers! -Patrick

  2. PS. A lot of the textural browns are owed to Antoni Tapies -- I wouldn't be surprised if they have a few stuck in a closet.