artists as collectors: the 1967 edition

 Donald Judd

I love collector's houses, 
so when I saw artist Ricky Swallow
post the above picture on Instagram, 
I had to find its source.
The source turned out to be 
'Art in America', Nov. - Dec. 1967.

Artists who collect? 
Nothing better for me!
This just leaves me wanting more....

Mr. and Mrs. Chaim Gross
Damn Chaim! 
I see some Hartley, John Flannagan, Lachaise,
Archipenko, Avery, Metzinger, Derain,
Orozco, the Soyers and Max Ernst!

More from the Gross home:
Portrait by Mimi Gross, still life by Arshile Gorky,
Reginald Marsh, a Chaim 
and some African figures.

 Chaim Gross at his dining table.
He's got all the masters lined up:
Henry Moore, George Grosz, Lipchitz, Matisse,
Maillol, Pascin, Gorky and 

Stop it already Chaim!
1300 Ashanti bronze weights?
Love you!

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jenkins
The Mrs. is also known as Alice Baber, the painter.
They like ivories...
And Indian miniatures....
Looks like some Tantric Buddhist miniatures too.
I knew y'all were naughty!

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Pearlstein
Roman, Etruscan and Egyptian power....

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Motherwell's brownstone.
The Mrs. is also known as 
Helen Frankenthaler....
I'd kill for this place and the amazing shit in it!
Rothko, Archaic greek sculpture, Egyptian art, Thai bronze Buddha,
David Smith bronze, Jacques Lipchitz sculpture, Rodin, Matisse,
and of course Frankenthaler and Motherwell.

More of Hottie Helen's place...
The yellow "chair" sculpture is by Barbara Cohen, 
Kenneth Noland, 
Hans Hoffmann, 
more African and Polynesian art...

Jacques Lipchitz's Studio
Look how big the pieces are! 
That's Jacques in the beret.
He collects African and Chinese figures.

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Rosenthal
Love this space!
Picasso, amazing African art, a Fritz Glarner 
Mr. Rosenthal's famous cube sculpture!



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  2. Spent a lot of time at the Chaim Gross' as a child. Always felt the richness and warmth of the environment. Fun to see photos of their brownstone in the village from so many decades ago.