well that sucked....

Sandy is gone,
but her wrath will be felt for years.
My heart goes out to all the folks who lost their homes
and loved ones....
I grew up with these beasts,
and could "feel" how bad it
was going to be.
Unlike Irene 
where everyone
and then nothing really happened,
(in the City, Upstate got nailed)
it seemed like most people
had not much respect for Sandy
as she approached the island that we live on.
That changed at 8pm
on Monday October 29th....
These are some shots I took while walking home
just after the storm passed.
They don't really convey the 
weird feeling of that night 
and the super-spooky 
next few pitch black nights
that were really something out of a 
zombie movie....

Donate to the 
Red Cross relief effort

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