rise again....

My very best friend moved to
Oakland, California
many months ago....
I would count the months, the days, the hours,
but I can't.
I can count on one finger how many people
have changed my life
as much as this person has,
and still does, everyday, even though she is no
longer here,
in New York City,
with me.
This is her work since she left,
as beautiful and delicate as ever,
the same and so different from her.
She is the strongest person I have ever met,
and if you meet her,
or even wear her work, you will feel that strength,
and realize that life and love
are as delicate and beautiful as a string of stones:
they are strong as you make them,
yet as delicate in your grasp
 as the wind....

has risen again, 
even more beautiful
right where it belongs,
among the beauty, 
the wildness 
and weirdness of Oakland....