charlotte perriand une maison a montmartre 1959

The nice folks at
were kind enough to give me
this beautiful book they 
published about a unique and intact
Charlotte Perriand interior.
The book is all in French,
and my reading skills are terrible,
so that is all I have to go on is what I heard,
which was the interior was removed recently,
as the house was for sale,
and the new owners wanted gone.
 Galerie Downtown did a great job of 
documenting it before it was.
The pieces are now for sale,
and in a way that is sad,
but they did a fantastic job of giving the interior of this
little house a life that will live on....
The pages of the book are beautiful,
but on a flat paper that is hard to photograph,
and the double page spreads are impossible to
so I haven't posted many,
but I highly recommend you buy a copy from them
before they are gone,
just like this beautiful jewel of an interior....

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Charlotte Perriand

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