tom sachs space program mars

I finally got to
on Friday, and boy oh boy was it a treat!
Obsessive compulsive DYI craftsmanship
at it's nuttiest!
I am a HUGE fan of Tom's and this
show did not disappoint.
I would say go see it,
but it closed today.

Good advice....

Monochrome plywood and drywall screw 
NASA emblem.

The LEM!
(Lunar Excursion Module)

LEM detail.
This is all made of plywood, foam core and steel.

Skateboards were how all the crew got around the Armory.

Mars rock.
Man did I want to sneak this out....

What's that?

A futuristic Mars cinder block of course.

The show filled the Uptown Armory.

Mission Control Center

The back of Mission Control,
totally amazing!

These speaks were HUGE
and sounded amazing in the space.
They were playing hip hop when I was there.

Mobile Quarantine Facility
This is where the astronauts suit-up,
suit-off, and relax.

The Mars Rover I believe....

Not sure what this was but it was super cool....


This is the HNDS,
the Hot Nuts Delivery System.

Custom chairs for the crowds
 to watch lift-off and landing.
It was dead when I was there, but it was perfect.

The Space Suits
The wacky craftsmanship is kinda unbelievable.

This is the 
Darth Vader Mini-Bud Fridge.

Exercise equipment for the Crew.
The names of all the pieces were hilarious!

The LEM is HUGE!

Inside of a scale model of the LEM.

The details are fantastic....

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  1. Do you think it being called LEM could be related in some way to the Polish sci fi writer Stanislaw Lem?

  2. this is great! what i like esp. is "rendezvous radar" and "attitude control /pitch"