no frontier at mondo cane / volume

I thought I would share
some installation photos of the
'No Frontier' show at my gallery Mondo Cane
It was curated by my good buds Sam and Claire 
of Volume Gallery in Chicago. 
The show features new work by designers 
and Cmmnwlth.
Come on by and check it out,
it runs until 
May 31st. 

More details
here and here.

I also wanted to thank all the artists
and all of y'all that came out for the party
on Friday night.
We set a Mondo record on beer consumption
(over 10 cases!) 
and the cops even did a drive-by.
Nice job 
Party People!!!

1 comment:

  1. The show looks great. We especially like the copper octopus bolt head. Too bad we're on the wrong coast!

    -Uniform LA