avant-garde toys: the early years

Mosaic Cube Amusement
19th century

The "Tesa" Cross Colour Puzzle
c. 1880

Seven Puzzles Based on the Tangram
c. 1900

Reconstruction of a Figure from 
Peter Schmid's Manual
c. 1809

Embrodery Toy
"Peter Man Mona"
19th century

Two Tangram in Tangerine Boxes
c. 1850

Perspective Studies with Wooden Geometrical Solids

Fifth Gift by Friedrich Frobel,
Architectural Box no. 3
c. 1880

Walnut Construction Box
c. 1880

From Top:
Cross-shaped Piuzzle
c. 1850
Cross-shaped Piuzzle
c. 1850
Spherical Jig-saw Puzzle
19th Century

The "Tesa" Mosaic Puzzle
c. 1880

Ninth Gift by Friedrich Frobel:
Colored Rods and Large Square Tesserae
19th century

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