which made me think of african masks....

Something tonight made me think
of African masks....
Not sure where the thought came from,
but it was from somewhere 
very nice...
because I love
African masks.
I would have to say that I hate Western
masks of any kind.
I loath Halloween,
and the people that love putting on masks
at that time.
(Sorry my Halloween loving peeps.)
But masks of a reason,
of a time, of a place,
of a culture...
My buddy 
and his gallery in Aspen,
made this beautiful little 
catalog for a show he had of his photograms
of mostly African masks.
They are so beautiful,
sometimes MUCH more beautiful
than the masks themselves,
and I must say, this catalog is a gem.
So here it is,
down and dirty non-edited
late-night post

Time flies 
when you are on a 
magic carpet ride....

Buy a copy

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