over it....

The above digitally captured moment was the best part
of my day today. 
A real fuckin' beach in Manhattan!
(Can you find the olde skool garbage can?
Also ignore the fact that you would be arrested 
if you actually accessed the above trash can or sandy shore....)
The fact that 
this is my favorite moment is saying a lot in a day filled 
with "best" moments.
When I took this photo via Instagram,
(which yes I am still obsessed with, 
but thank god there was no service for the
creative types in on Pier 94, the Apple/ATT 
 was too much for the
network, so no image sharing for the
people who didn't pay 225+ a day for 
"broadband" access, 
whatever the fuck 
that means. 
The above photo was the best part of 
my day and I am thankful for the little
good bits that rise to the surface during
times that aren't the best. 
I don't wear my heart on my sleeve, 
but sometimes I think
it would be much easier if I did, 
as I strive to be a better person in this life.
 I can be,
a person I don't want to be,
 someone I 
think is better, 
but isn't. 
And for those
people I hurt along the way, 
while figuring this all out,
I am sorry,
but I swear to god I am doing my best.

Someone please shoot me now....


  1. I know heart on the sleeve has been out for sometime now - but I have wondered if that was some kinda ploy to keep us all on edge. Kinda emotional apartheid. Love that a great post like this, is in the same blog as the poignant and hilarious post on Brazzaville. Sticks it to tumblr. Vasbyt.

  2. I'm gonna shoot you with the lovegun!

  3. FF- maybe I shouldn't be so personal every now and then, but as much as this blog is about "design" and "vintage" and whatever the fuck people come here for, that is not what it is about for me, really. It is about what I am thinking about that day. Lucky for me, I get to think about beautiful or functional objects all day.... Every now and then, things change and what I am am thinking about is not design, but life. I hate that anyone, especially you, as a long time and dedicated follower would think of any post as a "ploy". This crazy little blog that has a TINY, but very cool and loyal group of people, friends, and soon to be friends looking at it daily, is just a reflection of my mind at the time I want to share something. Sometimes that "mind" is WAY too personal, and I am definitely guilty of sharing too much in a weirdly guarded, yet open way, but not because I am looking for anything other but the truth. I have my friends and family here in NYC to pull the "ploys" on, for the rest of you I will try to be better...I swear.... Patrick

    1. Patrick
      The heart on the sleeve thing
      If its genuine is difficult
      Vulnerable feels so dangerous/unprotected.
      I've sometimes thought that those of us who focus on the arts do so in part in order to deal with feelings in a more arms length way. Hope this doesnt sound too pretentious. GG

  4. SP: I can be in NJ in about 20 minutes, so get ready to put your money where your mouth is. No telling what would happen once shot.... I would hope you would aim for the heart, and put me out of my misery.... If that didn't work, we could go fishing.... Thanks friend, P

  5. OMG my clumsy phrasing went all wrong ...I did not think that the post was a ploy ... I think it is a ploy that we are not supposed to wear are our hearts on our sleeves. All of us that care are kept on edge by our balancing act of how much it is acceptable to reveal. "I am definitely guilty of sharing too much in a weirdly guarded, yet open way" should read "I am one of the few willing to make my fellow humans feel connected, by sharing too much in a weirdly guarded, yet open way".. Please don't try to do better I cannot imagine anyone could.