My day in Instagram photos

Up WAY to early.....
 9 am,
that's kind like 3 am for the rest of the world....

These are all the images I took today,
iPhone, Instagram, and the increasingly unused Canon 300HS

Ok fellow BLOGGERs....
is going on with Blogger uploading photos in
the weirdest order?
I'm over it, but am so low-tech I don't
know what to do or say.
Maybe I could yell at someone?
The puppy above was shot at 1pm.
Why are we showing his shiny ass now?
I'm tired of fixing blogger's
When you load as many images as I do it
drains you....

Will Ryman
Paul Kasmin Gallery
That is a huge head you are looking at, 
the top of the lower eye is about 6 feet.
I should have brought someone for scale.
Any scale models out there?

Will Ryman at Paul Kasmin again.
Big hands does not always equal big package....
this looks like a doll.
 it is... a huge doll.....

Ok now we have some scale....
The bird is made of nails,
giant faux nails.
Lose the horrible rose, and I would like it so much better.
The nail bird is power, the wilted rose in beak?
But then again, 
Will seems to like bad, larger than life flowers....

Eric Fischl at Mary Boone
I liked this more than I expected,
but then again I was a fan back when Eric 
was last famous and respected,
back in 1988....

Killer space there at Mary's place.

That is See-Moan and Ahn.
This was a very good painting,
but once you put yourself on TV, I get to call you See-Moan.
It's funny to me that 
I have other European friends with the same name, 
spelled the same way,
 and pronounced much differently.... 
But, that being said, I do kinda love you See-Moan....

Not sure what is going on here.
Entering art overload....

Duchamp detail....
I could Google to figure where I shot this and above,
but I won't....

Involuntary art not art?

I took this shot at 10 am.
Why is it next to a shot that I took at 3pm?
Blogger do you care?
I do.
The way my mind works,
 it makes no sense.
Something is wrong.
Please solve it.
The sooner the better.
Fuck world hunger,
I need this solved NOW!

Alan Rath
I have loved him for the last 20 years!
Still do, but I looked at the prices and damn if I had bought a piece 
20 years ago I would have lost money....
But art is not about money right?
Keep on keepin' on Alan,
I like your new work, 
but I liked it better when technology seemed your master,
not the other way around....

A page from Terry Winter's notebooks
at Matthew Marks.
I LOVED that the kid sitting in the gallery,
at the desk,
an employee of Matthew Marks,
told us, 
when we asked for a price,
that he was not a sales person 
and that we would have to go to 
20 some odd street down the way
to ask so and so for a price.
He had a phone....
Loved the work though.

A lost treasure.... soon to be found....

Italian enamels I want to sell....

Oh god, 
too many Italian enamels for sale.....

Exhibition at R Gallery
I really liked this work.....

Mark looking good,
scouting our next location....
13 HOURS AGO!!!!

Interior of 3D
taken at 1:30 am, 
(current time 2:30 am)
see any uploading problem here

The difference in time between the above shot and this shot
is more than 13 hours.
Why Blogger why?
That is an out of sequence 
Claude Lalanne "Frog" chair.

Perriand:  100% 
Prouv√©:  0%

Gene Davis?
At this point god only knows.....

Ruth Asawa

Richard Pettibone

James Turrell

Ed Ruscha look alike again,
the legend,
Mark McDonald.
why upload the same photo twice?
I am frustrated....

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  1. Yes if only Blogger put half as much effort into their technical issues as they do into world hunger... loved the See-Moan... and I could almost hear 9am thanks.