the spoils of chandigarh....

One man's trash,
is another man's treasure.
Shame on you India!
And hats off to you savy French dealers.
If y'all hadn't "saved" it,
it probably would have ended up as firewood,
but we will never really know.
All we do know is that
the billionaires 
(and mere millionaires)
 of the art and design world
can't get enough of it....

Larry Gagosian's Pad
Bel Air

You would be smiling too!!!!

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  1. Oh wow, incredible! You would think that even if they never like Chandigarh that they would know the value of it?!

  2. This is absolutely incredible. Just amazing!

  3. There was no result for the conference table - was the reserve not met? strange it is the most beautiful table?

  4. Scoop that shit up! It's disgusting, but hey, I can't really criticize. I took advantage of a family trip to Colombia last week to pick up some pretty incredibly underappreciated modernist booty.

  5. superpicker1/13/12, 8:53 AM

    I wonder what sort of exotic fauna will hatch out as they get to all of their new homes. It seems from the pics that they were left outside in the hot Indian sun,.