dr. peter schlumbohm's chemobile

Digging through library
I came across some research materials
I had accumulated on one of my
favorite designers,
Dr. Peter Schlumbohm.
I just love saying his name!
I could say it over and over and over again....
I went bat shit years ago buying-up 
anything I could find on him.
So discovering this brochure
again yesterday
made me go look at the pieces I had 
of his in storage.
Great stuff, so cool.
I should do the mini-exhibition I had 
planned years ago....
he was nutz and I love him.
Here is the rest of the brochure,
it's worth the read....

 Funny and smart that Peter.

If you don't know him,
you will recognize the coffee maker
he designed in 
the man's thought bubble above.
You've seen it a million times.
It made Peter a very rich man.
This design is just a sliver of
the pieces he designed for the
"Chemist's Kitchen".

Dr. Peter Schlumbohm

He was a jolly guy and quite the
Ladies Man, believe it or not.

Dr. Peter Schlumbohm
Patent Drawings for the 

Stay tuned for more on
Dr. Peter Schlumbohm.
Say it, 
it just rolls off the tongue
doesn't it?


  1. Ha! He looks like a character that shoulda' been on The Odd Couple or The Honeymooners. I think someone still needs to build that fancy little mobile.

  2. ariele, you are so right. they rebuilt the dymaxion car, why not the chemobile!!!