okolo's "vienna only"

Imagine my surprise
when this beautiful 
arrived in the mail unannounced.

It seems my new internet friend
Adam Štěch
knew I would love it.
Thanks Adam!

And it is GREAT,
The issue is all about Vienna,
so of course my hero,
Carl Auböck's studio is included.
It's a great spread with
killer pictures from the workshop.
I'm not sure how to get an issue,
but it would be worth your while to track one down.
I am only featuring the Auböck spread,
but there is much, much more cool stuff in there....
But for now,
I'll give you a virtual tour of the Auböck piece:

Thanks again 
GREAT job!

More  HERE....

1 comment:

  1. p. - besides okolos great artwork the part i like most is the one commenting my sons (ca V) work in the workshop ".. messing it up..." when working on his lamps and things.
    i am sure ca I was also furious about ca II as later on ca II was about ca III, i know that i (caIV) was sometimes furious about ca III in the end it all continues