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  1. The 5th image was taken in my studio in Rome about 10 feet from where I kept my desk, and that chair is now in the library downstairs (the library is a dream -- late 16th century frescoes of the 10 plagues of Egypt). It's curious to imagine her swinging from that door frame. The palazzetto is watched over by two tragic young women -- Beatrice Cenci and Francesca Woodman.

  2. Nick, that is amazing.... May I ask how you ended up in the same studio, years later? -M

  3. RISD used to have a year long independent study program based in Rome called European Honors (it still exists in part, but is less than a full year). It's housed in the Palazzetto Cenci, though at the time Woodman studied in Rome, she would not have lived in the building. Many of the other photos taken in Rome were at her apartment. Only the studios were housed at the Cenci, with offices below -- the arrangement remains much the same, but now students also live in the building. An amazing experience.

    You should look at the Wiki on Beatrice Cenci -- salacious stuff.

  4. Nick, so great. Thanks for the story. Will check out Beatrice now....

  5. I live in NYC snd cannot seem to find where her apt building is. Does anyone know her building address as well as the building she jumped from? Thank you in advance.