will cotton's "cockaigne" @ performa 11

We were lucky enough to get invited to 
amazingly wild and crazy
It was a live dance performance
 that was conceived of,
designed by, and directed by Will.
It was curated by 

There were girls in tutus making cotton candy!

Mountains of cotton candy!

There is Will enjoying some cotton before the show.

Will and Stacy getting their sugar buzz on.

Tiny delicious cupcakes were also served.

And the champagne was flowing freely too!
with the sugar, 
made for a fun crowd!

Cotton Candy Ballerina

Did I mention the mountains of cotton candy?
It was flying all though the room 
which was crazy.
I ate some right out of the air!

The space was the 
It was the perfect setting.

Look at that ceiling!

Ok, time to take our seats.
It was a sold-out standing room only crowd.

The curator Stacy Engman takes the stage.

Backdrop by Will.

The show began with this lovely lady
spritzing the stage with a 
whipped cream scented fragrance
specifically designed for the performance.

We were all given bottles of it!
It actually smells really good.

The show began with
performing the 
"Whipped Cream Dance".

Looks like whipped cream no?

Next up,
for part 2,
we have a new backdrop, 
3 New York City Ballet dancers 
who performed
the "Cotton Candy Dance"

I believe those are Will's parents
in silhouette.

Mr. Cotton takes the stage for a bow and a wave
and to thank his crew and everyone who came.

And then,
as quickly as it had begun,
it was over,
just like the candy that inspired it,
it was here and then it was gone!

Great job to all involved!

Hear Will talk about

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