inside design miami 2011

You gotta start somewhere....
So here are a few days of photos
from Design Miami set-up,
kinda in chronological order....
Minimal descriptions,
just due to the fact that I am runnin' out-o-time
before the dealers party!


Best booth in the show.

Not bad.

That table is worth more than your house!

Not sure what is going on here....

Very elaborate ceiling treatment.

Beautiful drawings from
the best booth.

Yes please....

Too bad this is only a single,
my client needs a pair.

Can't remember what this is all about....

F.C.L. = Free bubbly

I love the contrasts at set-ups.

This is "our" booth, we seem to have an orange theme....

LOT/EK IS in Mark's house.

Moon over "Big Pink"

More contrasts....

Now I get it.

Lookin' even better.

Raphael's photo shoot at Paul's booth.

Paul's amazing sign painter.

Max Lamb's newest creation.

Max's creation in use by the sign painter's wife.

Ricky Clifton hard at work making
his editioned wallpaper.

This is so great.
What did this exact stool just sell for?
100,000 euro?

"Craft Alchemy"
for Fendi
This is made of stitched leather.

Almost finished....

Lookin' good!

More soon..........


  1. whose booth with the styrofoam packing nuts?

  2. I'd like that Leo Amino if your feeling generous...

  3. that orange shelf is absolutely amazing. can you tell me who designed this and if it´s cheaper than a car?

  4. Lo/tek designed them, and unfortunately, since they are unique pieces, they are each the price of a pretty nice car. I'm not talkin' Ferrari, but definitely a BMW....