superdesign london 2011

maybe you can sense my sarcasm...

this was the first piece we saw as we walked in,
not so bad!
We are off to a good start at 

I liked the shadow this lamp made,
but the lamp itself was kinda

What the hell is this modernist relic doing among 
these young whipper snappers?

Tabletop as art
 or a wakeboard, not sure which....

Solid glass.
That was kinda impressive.
I bet it is really heavy.
And kinda ugly.

Don't these freaks people know one, it is past Labor Day,
and two, only Karim Rashid is 
allowed to wear ridiculous all white

Bongs were a theme and Frieze and here.

Good crowd, fun crowd.

I liked this believe it or not.
I was made out of those cheap plastic cups 
you put sauces in.


The peeps.

The shadows make it....

Bad picture, cool tables.
(Don't even ask me about the  "Eames"
chair in the background.

These were fun to take pictures of, 
in real life they were kinda daft.

I TOTALLY geeked-out
over theses" lamps"....

I always just 
 a "chair" you can't sit on in a public space....

(I will try to go back and add the names of the designers 
but I can't now, 
I am 
LATE for the TATE!)


  1. good photos: good comments. guess you like marcus tremonto alot. me too. thanks, wish i could be there this year.

  2. looks kind of vintage and boring sure not superdesignshow!!! more i was sleeping the last 20 years designshow (and just woke up found some 90s design magazines and make now furniture with new materials). but i like the lamp a lot !