pin-up magazine & artek throw a party

I went to the 
Artek launch party 
at the great space at
tonight with my new pal Scott from 
LOVED the raw, raw ground floor space 
and basement of the 
enough with the links already....

This is some art by Doug Jeck.

Well, I found it funny.
Doug did you want me to laugh?
I think so.

The space was great.
Can't you tell?
Really, it was. I love this raw look.
Not over it just yet.
(No Carl, I did not just pee on the wall.
That was the horse....)

Jesus and Buddha on a boat.
There was a falcon in there too.
Bad picture.
Really doesn't do it justice.
No, I mean it.
See Buddah?
He's laughing just like I was.

Raw ceiling.

Fresh photographer.
Scott and I started to get a complex because 
we were the only people in there
that weren't asked to have our photo taken.
Scott took that as a good sign.
I took it as a sign that I should have showered.

These Rebecca Morgan pieces were
creepy silly cool.

Not sure what is going on here...
Looks like kitty is thirsty?
Don't pee over spilled milk?

Drinking, texting and getting some "rays"
from the 
Who painted all the Aalto chairs white?

With champagne: me

Without champagne: Scott

Who brought the horse???
(Told you it wasn't me Carl.)

1 comment:

  1. the watercolor girl waits for the cat to turn round and continue looking for milky spots dont you think..thats why the girls eyes are turned up to heaven in understandable anticipation.
    no peeing intended.
    but what did i notice underneath the aaltos.. the milk girl was on the guest list?