why was i the last to know: strandbeests!

Sometimes I wonder how I am 
the last person 
to hear about something so amazing.
Theo Jansen's
have somehow eluded me until I read 
this article last night in  
So amazing....
Check this video out:
The "beasts" are all powered by the wind.
It's slightly more complicated than that,
and the "reason" and implications 
of their existence
is even cooler.
I'll let you discover 
all that 
when you read the article...
The photos below are all by
Lena Herzog
and are from here.

Much more 
(Make sure to watch ALL the videos!)


  1. I love these. I especially love their function. So clever I can't stand it! Thanks for posting great pics. -Liz

  2. My Dad forwarded me a thing about this from some German paper awhile back. Kay went wild over the videos.

    What I love is how consistent he keeps the aesthetic. He must really obsess over them. They are amazing.