tractor down!

To say that it was a bit disturbing to come 
home from shopping and see
my Dad's tractor on it side,
would be an understatement!
But "Rod the Bod" was ok,
thank goodness,
and only suffered a cut hand and a scraped head.

If it wasn't for that roll bar 
we would have not had a happy end to this story....
Thanks Kubota!

Camo hat is ok....
Leaking some fuel....
Good thing he had on his seat belt!
My Mom told me that 2 people had died
 up here in the last few months
in tractor accidents.....

No worse for wear.
He would be really, really sore the next day,
but that was about it.
Tractor was fine too.

This is how he got it back on it's feet,
with another tractor.

This is my cousin John's tractor and it is HUGE!
He uses it on the truffle farm he and his family are building
on the property.

Of course my Dad went right back to work....

And for his next act....


  1. p:cheers to your great dad!
    he owns a few fine sets of dungarees ok.
    the new blue one for redesigning seats and the dark brown for the wilderness.
    dressing right in the course of different creative approaches is important.

  2. Wow of all your great unique finds, I think your family is the best. Glad all is ok- that first sighting must have been quite a gulp.

  3. glad everyone was ok. your dad is adorable.