today's picker's delight....

The great thing about having a store is that you never 
know what will show up on your doorstep.
Today's bundle of joy was
a mess off vintage 
Hydrostone screen elements.
I love these things!
Not sure what I am going to do with them,
and I wish there were more,
but I will take what the picker gods give
with no complaints.....

More on Mr. Hauer soon.....


  1. Those are beautiful. I wish I was building a beach house, I'd get a bunch of those.

  2. So I have to come to your shop again !! I bought once about 200 capron tiles in germany I had to have them . I knew I will use them one time .it took me 7 years to use them !but now my kithchen is perfetto. I love them .

  3. holy crap! those are HOTT! it makes me want a place with a veranda/patio/pool... yummy!