north carolina wrap-up

Elvis was on our flight....

Okra art

Man hand mimics turtle.

Future Family Truffel Farm
(no shit)


Pops takes a breather in Ingles.

Ballon frog in Ingles.

Ballon Frog's friend, Ballon Chicken
in Ingles.
(I was told not to take pictures by a grumpy
old lady. 
She said it was company policy.
I asked her if it was 
company policy to be grumpy....)

Sleepy hornet

Accidental shot...

captures this!

I captured and released this guy.
He was the only fish of the trip

Cousin John and a wild chanterelle mushroom.

Jess garbage pickin'.

New Team Member

Go Cocks!!!!

Bad kid and a pig.

Trilogy of Terror

Oh boy....

This is more like it... kinda....

American Acid Wash



Rock wall puzzel

Feather reception

New rock garden

Well problems....

Results of well problems....

Even she can't believe she is 100!


CRAZY cousins back from
drunken bioluminescent mushroom hunt.
(We were successful, but I couldn't get a pic

Party Crasher

Duck Dump



Tiny D hatched an egg.

Snakes on a Bed.

Home at last....

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