mountain chaise bordelaise

Today my dad and I decided to complete a project
that we were supposed to do 
Christmas before last.
(We got rained out for the second day in a row for bass fishing.)
I had seen this
by g.o
and decided that I had to make one/some
of these
and the only place I could do that was in 
NC, since I do not have a wood shop 
and old wood lying
around in NYC.
So we took the scraps above,
followed some vague
instructions from 
and got to work....

Part by part, it started to come together.

Rather quickly we had this....

And then a chair was born....

We made a few modifications, such as the beer
shelf in the back.

Pops tests it out.

Hauling it back to the house to show the girls.
(My dad built the "barn" in the back himself.)

Here are the beauty shots....

We added a 3rd slat in the back for comfort.
(I think it looks better too,
but it does get away from the 
3 sizes of wood concept.)

It kinda looks like Rietveld and Prouvé
had a country baby.

I think the beer shelf is a nice touch....

This wood is all left over siding from my parents house.

Lookin' good!

and here.


  1. Kind of has a Royere vibe as well, somewhat like chair from l’Exposition Internationale of 1937.

  2. Love it, love the beer shelf!