did i find an undocumented albers print?

I've done pretty well picking 
down here so far
and I haven't 
been able to hit it hard at all due to the birthday 
goings on. 
(Which is totally fine, 
too much shopping makes me a dull boy....)
So far
I have found a very large 70s Sam Francis print for
(No shit, but it is faded....)
and I am working on a sweet furniture load.
And then I found this....

What I know about it:
It's a litho or a screen print of some sort,
(we are leaning toward screen print)
I am still trying to figure that out.
It's very well done,
very precise.

It is from the early 50's,
maybe a little later,
but no later than the early 60s
in my opinion.

This is kind of interesting.
The frame shop that framed it is in the same town 
as North Carolina Wesleyan College.
and a few related art works 
in the 1957 when the school closed.
Some Joseph Albers prints were among those pieces purchased.
Rocky Mount also has a few interesting Modernist houses...


Great right?
 I do not have the Albers catalog raisonne 
with me down here,
but it will be waiting for me when 
I return to New York next week.
So until then, I can dream a bit....

What I do know about Josef:
Well, we all know he liked grids...

a lot....

We know he like the color orange...

and of course squares...

and we can see here he used graph paper as a backgound...

He also likes floating
geometric forms
and the opposition of
thick and thin lines...

Orange, floating squares, 
thick and thin lines 
graph paper..

what do you think?
Am I nutz?
Do I have Black Mountain College Fever???
Or am I on to something....


  1. It might be a good idea to contact the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation. They might be able to help. http://www.albersfoundation.org/

  2. Yeah, it looks like a variant of the "Structural Constellations"


  3. wow. regardless of whoever created it, it is amazing. love it. keep us posted on what you find out.

  4. Interesting, but if it's not from Alberts will it make a difference?

  5. http://aauerbach.info/research/structural_constellations/index.html

  6. Well, I wouldn't put it past ya! Good find in any case.

  7. Yes you're nutz, obsessed, etc... but you still find the greatest stuff in the strangest locations. Congrats!

  8. I can't wait to see this one! Good eye.

  9. and your feet resemble a lot your sisters in their symmetry

  10. Did you ever figure this one out?

  11. ahoi!- I haven't yet. I left the print down in NC. Next trip down I will open it up and see if that gives me any more clues or a definitive answer. I have shown photos to 3 "experts" and one said possibly Albers, and 2 said most likely not Albers. I got the revised catalogue raisonné, and it is not in there, so if it was, it would be a surprise to everyone, but that is why they have revisions.....