orphan paintings: unauthenticated art of the russian avant-garde

I stumbled upon this fascinating exhibition
while reading the comments from 
article on 
Larry Gagosian.
So you never know where you
will find something interesting on the internets
now do you?
The show,
Orphan Paintings: Unauthenticated Art of the Russian Avant-Garde
was at the
MCA in Denver.
I wish I had seen it!

(After you look at these images make sure to go to the website and dig in,
there are over 150 paintings and
sculptures and a whopper
of a story behind them....)



  1. I just read an article in the New Yorker from three weeks ago (yeah, I am bit behind my subscription), which reviews "“Malevich and the American Legacy,” [...] an invigorating show, at the uptown Gagosian". Malevich is the founder of the Suprematism style, the exact style from the MCA Denver.

    Read more here: http://www.newyorker.com/arts/critics/artworld/2011/03/14/110314craw_artworld_schjeldahl#ixzz1ILsYr7pa

  2. I saw the exhibit at MCA Denver, it was only up briefly, maybe 5 weeks. It Pulled in tons of people. The art was convincing and beautiful. The story - totally bizarre. Someone should make a movie of do a book. One of the most compelling exhibits that I've seen in years.