the hotties of gie class of 1971

Bruce Nauman
Class Stud

I was looking through the mylar covered
(calm down g.o)
Guggenheim International Exhibition of 1971
and was thinking that some of the artist portraits looked 
like they belonged more in 
a high school yearbook
than in
 a serious international art exhibition catalog.
But that's why I liked it so much.
Everyone is young and cute and for the most part looks happy
and enthusiastic,
not brooding and moody like I envisioned a lot of these 
artists to look like at that time.

Lawrence Weiner
Sensitive Poet Guy
Yeah, he does look moody, 
but those doe eyes?
You got me right where you want me Larry....

Jiro Takamatsu
International Exchange Student

Richard Serra
Class Jock/Bully
This is about as "happy" as you will
ever see Sir Richard look.
He is my neighbor and he always
looks like he is about to 
kick your ass,
and he could.

 Robert Ryman
Biology teacher, girls track coach, serving 5-10.

Robert Morris
In a band. 
You never see him in class.
But he always makes A's
and all the teachers love him.

Joseph Kosuth
Drives a "Beemer",
fucked your girlfriend, 
and you still like the jackass.
Very "Breakfast Club" of you Joe.

Donald Judd
Shop Class Stud
I never find Don that sexy, 
but that shiny stack behind him?
Wet for that thang Donny....

Dan Flavin
Don't you love that the 
King of Florescent
looks like your high school science teacher?

Hanne Darboven
European Rebel Girl.
Her dad is a chemist at the town plastics factory
and she dares to smoke in the cafeteria.
The only chick here
(big surprise, it was 1971)
but she represents very well.

Jan Dibbets
Class Clown
There is always a joker in the class.
Terry Richardson would be proud
of this pose.

Antonio Dias
Not sure what Mr Dias is up to here,
but it appears to be drug related.

Walter De Maria
The Popular Super Nerd 
Always had the best weed,
and a girlfriend that was way too hot for him.

Toke it up Garfunkel!


  1. simply the best post ever. truly.

  2. I can never get enough of Serra's Jewfro.

  3. i wish you hadn't posted this because i have work to do, but now i have to send this everyone i know.

  4. This cracks me up to no end.

  5. hahaha, yes, brilliant.

    if I could read only one thing for the rest of my life, it would be this blog. thanks.

  6. This just made my week! Thank you.

  7. My mother said that Serra used to be very good looking but damn! An actionhero, a man of (corten) steel.